Friday, February 03, 2006

My Husband, the idiot

I have always wanted a cow plant, haven't you? Go feed it some meat and its happy. Mine is named Genius. Maybe one day she will get to eat an idiot. For now, I feed her.
Met Jeff. We were best of friends in College. I felt some attraction there, but I was so into Remington, you never knew about Jeff. We met one day as he passed my dorm, I ran over to greet him. Harrassing calls came next, you see I force my friendship on others.

After explaining to Jeff my situation, he said he was fine without a controller. He had never had one so far, he knew he would be fine. So we were engaged right then. I wonder does he know he is passing over the magic line now?

I was so worried he might change his mind, I married him on the spot. Jeff, it seems, is a family sim. I noticed something happened, the Jeff who knew what to do was gone, the idiot Jeff had arrived.

Wait! Wait! My controller lied! Jeff only came with $1000. I WANT A REFUND!! sigh

Jeff planned on showing the controller how well he worked by himself. Here he is taking out the trash. The controller did step in and Jeff rolled a 2. He now has a job in the food industry.

sigh So do I for that matter. Something about getting the candy maker, to help Jeff. I don't want food! I want to be Cheif of Staff!

Our first few nights together, Jeff would not go to bed. I stepped in and woo-hooed him to sleep. This was all fine as I want a baby. I am sure Jeff does too. As for me, I get up as I have things to do.

One day I had a great idea. I would start playing chess, invite Jeff, and go to work. Little did I know, Jeff would sit there and play chess till exhaustion. Luckily, I got home and was able to get him out of the chair. And he says he doesn't need a controller?

Jeff, my sweet husband, loves to paint. At least this is one thing he needs for work. I tend to get rid of the paintings when he stops. I think we have 3 stands around the house for Jeff's painting pleasures. Notice his belly? Hmm, he must enjoy eating and he gets NO exercise. Did he forget one of my turnons is fitness?

For that reason, I decided I need some excitement in my life. Here I am with Prof Avri from University. He wouldn't do for a husband, but he is fun to have around. We always have safe woo-hoo. It might really upset Jeff if I was to get pregnant.

Here I am one evening playing chess. I wanted Jeff to join me, but he was tired. Plus, he had some green mist coming off of him. Does he know there is a bed in the next room?

Simvac is still my friend. I normally try to get different people, they tend not to know what I may do. Working with Jeff is a drag, I hope to get that candy machine soon, this is not the career for me.

Jeff is very helpful in the kitchen. When I see him like this, I wonder what is going on in his head. Is he happy? Does he wish he now had a controller? Whenever I get home after he goes to work, the controller is grumbling about Jeff. Jeff did this or Jeff did that. Jeff, it seems like the radio and likes to dance. One of my big wants right now is a TV, any TV. Would you believe the controller just laughed. Laughed! I didn't think it was funny, but she just said no. Jeff can skill and be happy.

After a week of marriage, Jeff and I found out we are pregnant! Isnt's that great? I think so, my heir is on the way! I need to start making notes so my heir will know what to do when it is their turn to take control.

Being pregnant has it's advantages and disadvantages. I am here to help with Jeff's needs more. I hope to send him to work in better moods. We could really use the money for a promotion, but Jeff never seems to get one.

While Jeff is off working, I have found other ways to fill my aspirations. Here I am with another boy-toy, his name is Kevin. We had a great romance going until the controller found out he was playable in College. The words I heard that day, lol.

After a long day at home pregnant, I fixed supper for Jeff. We don't need him to starve, now do we? He is my house idiot, heehee. Today was really tiring as I had one of my toys over for my enjoyment. They seem to have more energy than Jeff. They wear me down quickly.

See! See what I mean? He comes home from work and then naps in a chair. sigh I have larned of new ways to wake Jeff up. My favorite is to walk past the room and turn on the stereo. The look on Jeff's face is priceless!

Here is Jeff one evening, writing in his diary. I wonder what he is thinking. Most family sims living here said the controller normally gives kids right away, no waiting. I know he talks to other sims, he has brought them home from work. They call for a day or so, then they stop calling.

Until this sim, meet ASimWen, she is our neighbor. She walked past and no one greeted her. I guess she really wanted to met us becuase she came home from work with Jeff after that. She still calls Jeff too. She told Jeff about her previous creator. We heard all about Prosperiety Falls. She lives with Jenn the Simmer girl, but we haven't met her.


At 5:13 AM, Blogger ASimWen said...

Woo! Luv the neighbor! :D I can't wait to really get started in my ISBI house!


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